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Michael Terrell
Easy to use and works as advertised

I first saw the ad for the chainlift on instagram. It looked so simple, fast, and easy that I decided to give it a try. For me, I perform all maintenance and cleaning on my bikes and my bikes get regular cleanings. I also have different wheel sets for different types of terrain I ride. Add the occasional trainer ride during the shoulder seasons, I am changing wheel sets a lot. I mean a lot. In order to protect my bikes and make it easier to remove the rear wheel, I always remove my chain. This means I have to put on gloves, get the chain link tool, remove the chain, carefully store the greasy chain while I swap out wheels. Then repeat in reverse. I have used the chainlift three times since I purchased it. It has saved a lot of time. In the time it takes me to get my vinyl gloves and put them on, the chainlift has me ready to remove my wheel. It is that fast and that easy. This is a brilliant tool and will save me a lot of time. If you are like me and tinker on your own bikes a lot, once you use the chainlift you will ask yourself, why didn't I think of that. Happy riding!

Brian M
So worth it.

I love riding. I don't know anything about maintaining my bike and taking the wheel off to put it on the trainer has been a huge pain in the past. This makes it quick, easy and not a two person job anymore. Thank you for making this.

Chris Chester
Very Helpful

Like it says on the box, it’s not intuitive, but the more you use it the easier it is to use. I use it to switch between my trainer tire/wheel and my and my road tire. It was clunky for me at first but after a few tries it gets easier!
It’s a nice bit of kit!

Peter Thomas
Chainlift Review

I only had a chance to use it once taking my Trek Domane+ e-bike off of my Wahoo indoor trainer and putting the rear wheel back on. It was a little awkward at first but the CHAINLIFT definitely helped. I feel confident that after using it a few times, it will be a breeze. We’ll worth the purchase.

Great piece of kit.

I bought this after seeing how easy it was to use in the tutorial videos. It's extremely well engineered and built, meaning that it's going to last. The adaptors are well marked so that you can find the correct one quickly. Keeping the chain out of the way (thus protecting the paint on my bike) is a massive help when changing out my rear wheel to go to and from my turbo trainer. In my opinion, definitely a good investment!

CHAINLIFT - Warranty - No pins
Erik T.
Minus two for quality, plus one for service

I got my first Chainlift during the spring of 2022. At first, I really did not get the hang of it but after a while I learned how the gearing had to be set for optimal chainlift-usability and started to really love it.

I predominantly used my chainlift for three purposes:

1. Transporting the bike in the car.
2. Washing the bike.
3. Moving the bike between trainer and back wheel.

But during the early fall of 2022, my chainlift broke. I was cleaning the bike on a bike stand, so there was no extra tension on the chainlift. The joint that goes "click click click" when you pull back the derailleur by pushing against the frame broke clean off.

Luckily, I got a new chainlift (!) but it worries me that the quality might not be as good as the promotion material says.

I hope my new chainlift lives for many, many, years. If my first piece turns out to be a bad egg, the chainlift deserves 5 stars. It's an excellent tool! For now, it gets three stars + an extra star for the great service from the team.

CHAINLIFT - Fits ALL <span>except Campagnolo</span>

Great tool

Sure, you can get your rear off without this, BUT….Can you get your rear wheel off without getting chain guck all over your hands? Or without dropping your wheel or bike because you need a third hand?
Tools should make things easier, and that is exactly what this tool does!
It is not just for taking care of flats, it is a big help for cleaning your bike, for mounting on a indoor trainer, for putting your bike in a car, for aligning the rear brake disc, checking wheel “truing”, ….
It will give you more time to ride your bike!!!

Funktioniert wie versprochen

Funktioniert sogar mit Gepäckträger...

Maya Burazer

Well, well, well - this thing WORKS! I used it to assist me with brake bleeding, bike washing (x3) and chain adjusting. It made all the jobs so much easier. I highly recommend it!

Ethel Nelson
Well made & works as expected!

I was impressed with the quality of fabrication of the chain lift. The machined parts and body of the ChainLift are of good quality & justify the price. I have only used it 1x, and it took a little bit of time to figure out- but easy peazy after watching the videos & deciding which pin to use. I recommend investing in this tool if you don't like getting your hands all greasy & are challenged by getting the chain-tire off the frame! It will also be great to get the bike off/on my trainer. I like the ChainLift device & recommend it!

Valerie Yates
So handy!

This gadget does exactly what it promises to do. It is very well-made. Watching the instructional videos is a must because it is simple but not entirely intuitive. I am very happy to have clean hands and not having to wrangle with the derailleur while taking my rear wheel off and putting my bike on my indoor trainer (and vice versa). If you think you might want one, get it. It is great.

Garold Mills
Good Review

Excellent tool. Very helpful when working around the chain or cleaning.

David Lewis
Works well, and support is excellent

Fernando was kind enough to send me a pre-production sample of a Chainlift compatible with my RD-RX810 GRX derailleur. When I hit a snag because my bike has a rear fender, he already had a video ready. To be sure, the Chainlift is a little more cumbersome to use with a fender, and you can’t really count on not getting your hands dirty. But wearing gloves is a small price to pay for a tool that does what it says it does and has this kind of support behind it.

Makes life easier

I bought it especially for the winter season, when i constantly change from outdoor to indoor cycling on a daily base. Such a good and high quality product and so simple to use. Wheel off, wheel on just in seconds without getting your fingers dirty.

Once you get the hang of it

I was looking for something that would make it easier to transfer my bike to my trainer without having to wear gloves or get grease/dirt over my hands and this definitely fits the bill. There are lots of different videos on you tube that will help you pick up how to use it correctly.
I’ve also used it today while I cleaned my chain and it was so much easier. Pricey but worth it

Richard Marrotte
Great tool to have

Genius !
A little tricky to get it aligned, but very helpful

Stephen Doolittle
Like two extra hands with gloves on

My first use of the ChainLIFT went really well. I have a long reach derailleur with disc brakes and I usually struggled for 30 minutes to change wheels without ChainLIFT. After about 10 minutes of YouTube orientation, the device performed very well….no dirty hands even without gloves. With Disc brakes don’t miss the video focused upon a secondary movement to get the disc to clear the frame on the way out. I’m a happy customer

A tool that you cannot longer do without

Very is to use, i just watched the demo on YouTube and ready to use on my bike. Now i can't no longer do without, no more dirty hands or set up problem when i switch from road setup to smart trainer. Thanks Alessandro

Richard Lawley
A Design Masterpiece

I’ve designed a few things in my life, I have a very creative and analytical mind. I often come up with ideas to make simple products to solve everyday issues. I was somewhat skeptical on ordering the Chain Lift based on the price but took the leap and thought I’d give it a try. We recently bought Zwift trainers and having to swap out 2 road bikes every time was a hassle; especially since one is Sram and the other a Shimano. The Chain Lift is a modern marvel of engineering. It works and it works well! Take the time to learn from the videos and practice while on a mechanics bike stand; you’ll master it in no time. I can swap out both wheels without ever touching the chain or derailleur. I’d give it 6 stars if that were an option.

Mike Manning
An excellent tool

This is a really cool idea. Too bad I didn't know about it sooner. No grimy fingers and no chain rub to mar the finish on my bike frame. Everyone should try it.

Terrance Frame
Outstanding customer support

I purchased a Chainlift to use with my Di2 RX Ultegra. It didn’t work very well. I contacted Chainlift and they said that they were aware of the problem with RX/GRX and they immediately sent me a handmade version that corrected the issue and promised to send me the final manufactured version when it was available. They responded instantly and I was definitely impressed. Great product and even better company.

a fantastic company

a fantastic company, and perfect after-sales assistance, help you in everything

Jim Gebhardt
Chain Lift Review

A great product and the first of its kind as far as I know. Removing and replacing the rear wheel from bike is always a messy and sometimes an aggravating job. After 30 years of cycling I was not getting any better at it. With the chain lift that I received a week ago my ability to remove my rear wheels was much better than before and through repeated use I am sure it will get to be easier and easier!

William Pace
Compatible with all my bikes, Giant and Trek, on road and off

Excellent support by email with good instructional video and personalized review of photos of my clusters in less than 24 hours. Material quality of tool appears excellent