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Michael Wolfe
Very useful and slick tool with great support

This is an amazing tool that helps change bike maintenance for good. Second only to the ease of use is the level of support from fellow cyclists. It is amazing how fast you can overcome any odd issues with your particular setup with the many youtube videos and personal support help that is provided. If you ever deal with a bike chain for any reason, this tool is for you. Well done Fernando!

David Chang
Works as advertised. Get one. Quality of life improvement.

If you work on your rear wheel or swap the bike in and out of smart trainers, Chainlift makes life just a little easier and cleaner. Who doesn't like quality of life improvement? :) When I first saw the advertisement, I thought it was a little too pricy, so waited for sale. Glad I was able to get in on the 15% off. Happy with the purchase!

Great tool!

So useful👌🏻

Eindruck vom Chainlift

Der Chainlift kommt gut verpackt und die Verarbeitung wirkt wertig. Die Anleitung im Web ist sehr verständlich. Die Handhabung ist sehr gut und funktioniert tadellos. Der Chainlift ist gut durchdacht. Für alle, die keine Kette auf der Kettenstrebe wollen, zum Transport, zum Räderwechsel etc. sehr zu empfehlen.

Rick M
No need for a bike rack.

Works great, definitely cheaper than buying a bike rack for my car. Chainlift now enables me to take off both wheels and put my bike in the trunk of my car.

Richard Klepacz
Great Innovation for Cycling Maintenance

While I am technically inclined, doing bike maintenance is not my favorite job. It all begins with installing or removing the rear tire. For me its always been a challenge and before you know it, my hands are full of black grease. The chainlift is such a cool innovation in helping this process. I cannot say enough about how this is such a great innovation in bike maintenance.

Bought a second one

Once you get used to it (takes a few goes before you get slick at it) it is quick and easy to use. The website covers its all its uses but for me it is getting my bike on and off the smart trainer and taking both bikes in a small hatchback that use it the most.
I managed to break one which was replaced immediately under warranty (really my own fault but great customer service)
I was a bit uncertain about this when I first heard about it but I probably use it more than any other cycling tool and bought a second one for my wife’s bike

Great tool

I used to avoid removing wheels earlier - a nightmare of maladjustments and dirty hands. Not any more -- I use Chainlift on a near daily basis. It is, without exaggeration, the handiest tool in my modest arsenal.

Carlos Delgadillo
Great Tool

Works super well, good instructional videos, pricey (but I bought it anyway).

Cracking piece of kit

Swapping between my turbo trainer wheel and road wheel was always messy and a bit of a pain. This tool is genius. The change now takes seconds .

David Selleos
Freaking awesome tool

This tool is a quick fix when you need to get the tires changed. No mess keep your fingers clean.

Paul Mattson
Why didn’t I think of that?

I especially like to remove the wheel and adjust the disk brakes, you can actually hear if they’re rubbing

David Seger
You need to spend time with it

Watch the videos, follow the instructions to the letter, and go slow! If you do this, you’ll love it.

Good and helpful tool

It works nice with almost any de-railer. It keeps your hands clean and allows fast to take the wheel.

Chain Lift is a great little tool!

I hesitated before buying this tool, did I really need it? Now, a few weeks later I am quite happy that I purchased it. Very convenient tool if you like me switch often between road bike and smarttrainer. Taking the wheel on and off is a breeze, without risking to damage the derailleur, and you will indeed keep your hands clean once you get the hang of it. You do need to watch the instruction video on the website though to really understand how this works.

Jean Paul Moreau
I used it on June 3 for the first time

I used it on June 3 for the first time, it works as advertised, sturdy plastic and well-made. Since I am now beginning to build electric bicycles or convert regular bicycles into E bikes, I will use it often. I am satisfied and happy with the purchase

John Holsonback
Easy to use!

I’ve only used it once thus far, but I found it very easy to use (after watching to online videos). I had no problems lifting the chain of the derailleur. Highly recommend!

Patented Ingenuity

As an over the road truck driver it's tough working a 15 hour i mean 14 hour day and trying to find time to hop in the saddle. Chainlift makes it possible to break down and build up my bike within a matter of minutes allowing me to get a ride in before my day ends. If your an avid rider I highly recommend adding this to your toolkit!

Glenn S.
Greatest gadget in tool box!

This was so simple to use and made cleaning my bike so easy. Next I’m going to change my tires and I don’t know what is more exciting, new tires or getting to use my ChainLift again. Thank you for this awesome product!

Mary Iantorno
Great Tool!

Chainlift works well to get your chain off your cassette and remove your wheel easily. It is very easy to get your wheel back on too. Your hands stay clean because your don’t have to touch the chain. It is a very handy tool to have!

SHM-5 Pin
Dan Johnson
Excellent product and customer service

A little bit of a learning curve, but works exactly as intended. Definitely recommend watching the video as it's incredibly helpful.
The SHM-5 pin for my XTR derailleur was a few thousandths too large, but their customer service was very quick to work with me on a solution and get a pin the correct size to me.

CHAINLIFT - Campagnolo
Santiago Sanchez
Best tool I’ve got

An absolutely amazing gadget for the toolbox. I used to get grease all over myself moving the bike on and off the trainer - a fucking nightmare. I bumped into this and read a review where someone complained about them not having a Campy solution and Chainlift replied saying they were working on it. And sure as shit they did, and when they commercialized it I got it. An amazing tool, solid design, great value, easy to use

Marcelo Schmidt
Works as advertised

It takes few tries until you get it right. Watch the videos and play with the tool until you find the right spot. Once you are familiar with the position where it locks and lift works you will be please. Specially when you need to reinstall the wheel and you realize you don’t need to deal with the chain or the detailer. It is worth it every penny.

Perfect product

Very good product, you need this

Excellent product.

Excellent product. Top quality. Once you learn how it works it is fantastic. Saves mess, time and damage (my derailleur hangar broke from taking the wheel on and off constantly before getting ChainLift). Now I actually enjoy taking the wheel on and off because this product is so good at what it does. Cannot recommend highly enough.