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I wish I knew about chainlift earlier

Looking at the video and pictures leaves a few open question, but the moment you try it yourself gives you all the answers! Its well designed, easy to use and feels very natural - everything fits where it should and you dont need to use excessive force anywhere.

Just what he needed!

My son in law was very excited and pleased to receive this gift for Christmas. He feels it will be a big help when he works on his bikes. I was very pleased at the time it took to receive it and the price. Everything was good - very good!

Works like a charm

To put the bike in the car, I needed to remove both wheels. So I had to choose between a lightweigt carrier on the back OR an easy way to simply remove the rear wheel without the chain falling off. Chainlift is the answer and works like a charm!

fabulous purchase

An excellent purchase without a shadow of denial. A moment of difficulty to understand how it works, but after the first moment it becomes very intuitive and after twice you seem to use it forever. Fast delivery, chapeau !!!!

Works well, and easy to use

I've used this in my road bike and TT bike. Not to make removing wheels easier, but to lift the chain out the way do I could silently spin the wheel to check for disc rub on the calipers. Works well, and for me, is worth it's for that.

Was not sure about it.

But the Chainlift is excellent I have an E-Bike with a motor guard fitted which made it difficult to get the wheel in and out but with the chainlift on no more problems. Also putting the bike in the car with the chainlift on, is so much easier to handle.
Will be getting another one for my sons bike.

Alexander Hahn
Just works

Got mine today. Florida to Germany in a few days. What am I happy. Great invention, thank you guys!! Super easy to use after watching the short tutorial videos.

Francis Rivera Torres
Excellent tool

Excellent for cleaning the bike and basic maintenance and indoor trainer bike transfer. No more grease in my hands or frame scratches by the chain.

Bill Fleming

Works exactly as advertised, very well made and thought out product. The customer service is amazing, it makes removing the rear wheel a breeze
Thank you Chain lift

Fantastic Service

Very good service after receiving a model not yet suited for my ultegra R detailleur. Very usefull product, should be in everybodys toolkit


Work's very well.

Tahira Zec
Super Simple Once Over the Learning Curve

It took me a bit to get use to it - But after watching the YouTube Video and following the online instructions I got the hang of it and once over that learning curve, it's pretty simple to use. I am that person who always hates taking the rear wheel off - this, as far as my cycling world goes, has made my life exponentially better. Now I don't dread cleaning my bike or working on it. Highly recommend. A++++++


Took me a moment to get it figured out, but this is a clever and handy little tool. Tons better than getting my fingers into that mess every time the bike goes onto or off of the trainer!

CHAINLIFT - Fits ALL except Campagnolo
sebastien soares
Vraiment super utile !!

Je ne m en passe plus pour retirer la roue de mon vélo soit pour le transport soit pour passer sur home trainer.

Yann Sebillet
Wonderfull toll

I had the opportunity to use the CHAINLIFT and I must admit that it is a particularly effective tool to avoid getting your hands dirty when disassembling a rear wheel.
This a tool that has its place in the box for the maintenance of my bikes.

Congratulations on your ingenious idea and the creation of this tool.

Robert Reiman
Nice Addition to the Tool Box

Easy to use, hands still get a bit dirty from time to time but makes removing the back wheel a breeze...

Very useful tool

Fast shipping!

Dan Corpuz
E-bike charm

Works like a charm on my e-bike! Nice to have an extra hand when removing rear wheel.

CHAINLIFT - Fits ALL except Campagnolo
Alessandro Balzarelli
Usegull tool

It Helps and Speed up

CHAINLIFT - Fits ALL except Campagnolo
Paul Brugman
Super product

Fantastisch product super makkelijk in gebruik. Ben er heel blij mee.

CHAINLIFT - Warranty - No pins
Attila Csongrady
Should be part of every cyclist’s toolbox

Want your rear wheel out & back again in record time while keeping your hands clean and your frame intact? Look no further.

Steve Andersen

Received my order on time and with a few tries was able to make it work just as intended. The on line videos were a huge part in explaining how to use it. I would recommend this to anyone that is a cyclist. Makes putting my bike on and off the trainer a lot easier. Good quality tool.

CHAINLIFT - Fits ALL except Campagnolo
José Luis Macho López
Great tool

I was very hesitant to buy the tool because despite being very useful, it seemed a bit expensive. However, once it is done, I have no regrets and I am very happy as it makes the task of putting on and taking off the rear wheel much easier for me. You have to rehearse a bit how to do it but the movement is perfected right away. For now the after-sales service is also good. Money, if it is used in something that is worthwhile as is the case, only hurts when it is given, then it pays for itself.

CHAINLIFT - Fits ALL except Campagnolo
Philipp Allemann

Nice Tool

CHAINLIFT - Fits ALL except Campagnolo
Katell Le Mapihan
Outil très pratique !

Il s’agit d’un outil assez astucieux et facile à utiliser une fois la démonstration visualisée. Le service client est réactif (sollicité avant l’achat). Le rapport qualité prix reste perfectible, quelques conseils complémentaires dédiés aux usagers de freins à disques seraient aussi appréciés. En tout cas, fini la galère pour monter et démonter le vélo sur le home trainer !