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an absolute must !

I would have given a 5 star if it wasn’t for the strife when adjusting it to my Specialized Fat Boy the shift cable routing seem to be in the way no matter how many times I changed the arbors and move the frame support . after watching the You Tube video ( which every one should ) did some tinkering , went live, PERFECT!. The Fat Boy is particularly difficulty when removing and re-installing the rear wheel , plus this tool has somewhat of a learning curve. this tool is a Godsend. A great addition to my arsenal of bicycle tools.

Great product

I received this item a few weeks ago and just had an opportunity to use it today. The product appears to be of very good quality and works exactly as was presented on the web site. Removing the rear tire on my mountain bike was a breeze and more importantly, it made putting the wheel back on easy! I am totally impressed with this product. Great job and be proud!


Hi I have used a couple of times now I am not sure whether I am using the right spindle for my gearing but it is very useful when cleaning the bike would recommend

Steve Halderman
Works well

Used it once on my Trek Domane AL3. Little bit of a ‘learning curve’, but it does what it’s supposed to.

SRAM-4 Pin
Michael Terrell
Quick, easy, & clean bike transitions

I have had my chainlift tool for a few months now. I have used it more than I thought. The chainlift tool has allowed me to make quick, easier, and cleaner transitions between riding outdoors and outdoors. The weather during the shoulder seasons in the Pacific Northwest is unpredictable. We go through a period of "do I ride on the trainer today" or "do I get outside?". With the chainlift, due to how much easier it is to transition from bike to trainer and from trainer to bike, for me it eliminates the excuse of not riding one way or the other. I do recommend you watch the videos for instruction. I use it on both my wired & wireless derailleurs with no problems. If you are a DIY bike mechanic like me and you use a trainer in inclement weather, I highly recommend the chainlift too.

Robert Bossio
Easy to use

It took me two tries to become a pro with this tool and it saves me all kinds of grief, mess, and frustration. Best tool I have hands down. Just watch the videos, can’t go wrong.

Ludovic Lopez

Great product.

Lorenzo Venezian
Chainlift works great and is totally worth it.

For all cyclists that strive with riding a clean and well kept bike, this tool is a must!

Great Assistant!

Well, I saw it, looked at it, watched videos, and was still skeptical but figured I’d give it a try and really, expected I’d be returning it. Boy was I wrong! This has become the best assistant I have had when it comes to working on my bike. I’d rank it higher than my stand. Used multiple times per week as I put my bike on and take it off the trainer, as I clean it after a ride, and it has made the process of removing and reattaching the wheel, simple and so quick and easy. So happy with my purchase…you’ll kick yourself for not purchasing sooner. - Paul

David A Collins
Good idea, BUT—-

I bought this tool so I could service our bikes—2 e-bikes and a Trek DualSport.
In the “How To” videos, those bikes had no fenders, no racks or anything around the rear derailleur or cassette. My bikes have fenders, racks and the struts to attach them to the rear of the frame. The struts/ attachments interfere with use of the Chainlift. Customer service was helpful, but the original intent of the Chainlift, to EASILY separate chain from rear sprockets disappears if there is anything attached to rear of the bike. I don’t recall any disclaimer about this fairly significant issue. None the less, I was still able to use the tool to lift the chain off the rear sprocket for purpose of cleaning and maintenance. I could probably also take the wheel off, but it is not clean and easy.
So, nothing wrong with the tool and how it is supposed to work. If you have fenders or racks that have struts or mounting points on the frame, you will need to either detach those or try to work/manipulate the tool into position. A frustrating and dirty task. So, it’s a good idea and works with stripped down road bikes, but———-

Great Item, i love it

If you are very picky with your your bike, you need the chainlifter. So easy to use, like the third hand you never had.

Top Produkt und Service

Klasse Service und ein tolles Produkt

Tano Mendoza

Great tool!! Always struggle with removing the rear wheel and trying to release chain tension. With this tool , makes it so easy! Thanks again Fernando

Fantastic tool!

Tool does exactly as described in the description and the videos. I wasn't paying attention initially and thought that it didn't work at all on my GRX RX800 derailleur. Sent an email to customer service and they responded immediately with more detailed instructions. Works like a charm. Very pleased with the purchase.

Craig Clements
Good product, and good customer service

Bought a chainlift v1. Originally, it wasn't quite right for my GRX810, which was identified my Chainlift themselves. However, rather than denying or misleading, Chainlift said they were making a new version and sent me one out free of charge. I did not have to chase and the new version works as expected. Happy with purchase.

A good piece of kit but...'s not intuitive or straightforward to use so you must read and reread the instructions and then read and reread them again.

It's well made and solid to the touch. There's a variety of pins included to attach the tool to your derailleur and it's worth experimenting with a couple. I have a Shimano 105 setup and the recommended pin means the tool is unable to clear the flywheel housing on my indoor trainer. I tried another pin and it works OK.

Chainlift is a good piece of kit but be prepared to invest some time in getting your head around its idiosyncrasies.

R.J. Ter Horst
Chainlift is a fantastic tool

Chainlift is an awesome tool to quickly release your rear wheel from your bike. I have a gravel bike with Shimano GRX which is just terrible to remove the rear wheel. With Chainlift it is a piece of cake to remove and reinstall. Works well with Sram equipped racing bike as well.

John Clerkin
Does not work properly with wolf tooth set up

I liked the product and thought it would be a good fit for me. After emailing a photo of my derailleur to Chainlink I was told it would not work properly with my wolf tooth set up. Customer service said I could return it for a full refund which is what I am doing. I wished it could have worked for me but not as currently set up. Hopefully, in the future Chainlink will offer a product compatible with the wolf tooth set up. If they do I will be all in.


Excellent produit parfait pour envlever la roue sans abimer le derailleur et sans se salir les mains. de plus excellent service après vente.J'ai un VTT 12V que j'utilise sur home trainer et en colline voila pour quoi j'ai acheter ce produit.

Like it

Great support. There is no easier way to clean your chain in depth.

Great Service, great tool.

Its working fine, and thanks to send an interim and the final tool for the GRX 810 shifting system. Great support and service. Thanks and lots of success. Greetings from Germany.

fantastic support

great, extrem helpful tool, best customer support i have made!


Upon receiving the chain lift and using one of the five spindles it is the easiest and best way to remove the rear wheel from the chain without getting your hands greasy I also use it on my second bike that sits proudly on my trainer a very good piece of cyclists maintenance kit.

Great v2 has works so well

The new version os so much better

Bruce Brinson
Amazing Tool

Amazing tool. Once finding the right insert pin on the website to confirm the one I thought fit the best, and how to adjust the moving parts of the tool, it worked just as advertised. This is so much easier to remove the rear wheel to put my bike on the trainer, and to remove it from the trainer and put the wheel back on. I wish I would have bought this the first time I saw the ad a couple of years ago! (Posted on your Facebook page a week ago as well)