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Steven Tellefson
What a great idea!

What an easy to use, helpful device! I’ve worked on my own bikes since childhood, and in a bike shop, and this has been one of the handiest tools yet. My favorite usage is to remove the chain from the cassette/freehub to listen for brake rub, both on disc and rim brakes. I highly recommend this tool for even the most casual cyclist, as it makes managing the chain for rear wheel removal a breeze! Great device!

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service at Chainlift, I had a problem with the product not working with one of my bikes, an older Scott Plasma 3. With a few photos and emails the issue was resolved. The required part was sent at no extra cost as well as an instructional video. Great product, great customer services and great team.

Keith Loud
As advertised

As mentioned in the previous reviews, the pin selection was not obvious, but the customer service response was swift and very helpful. And with it, the tool works great!


I am very satisfied with the purchase of chanlift. I find it easy to use and very useful for cleaning the wheel and removing it. As a result, cleaning the bike is also much easier and faster. I use it to clean 2 bikes and I find it very versatile, without any application difficulties. Suitable for both shimano and campagnolo. The best purchase I could do.

SRAM-4 Pin
Frank Soltesz
Best tool for handling your chain

I love this product! I always had trouble trying to get the chain off and on the rear cassette and the ChainLift tool makes it so simple. One of the best parts of the tool is you don't have to worry about the chain laying on the frame. I use it all the time.

Chris Chamberlain
Great new tool.

Works as advertised. Great addition to the tool box.

Brian Gentile
Great product!

I have a 2009 Specialized mountain bike and a second bike coming.
It took me 2 minutes to get used to how Chainlift works. It works great. I will be transporting my old bike to camp with Chainlift on for this Sunday. Perfect easy product that I am greatful I purchased 2 of.

Awsome tool

Verry happy with my new tool. And thanks for good support setting up

The Best Tool I Didn't Know I Needed

I received Chainlift today and after watching the 'how to' videos, my rear wheel was off my bike. I found it simple to use. No dirty hands and no worrying about the chain damaging my frame. I think the price is reasonable as it is clear that a lot of thought went into the design and construction. Lastly, pre-sales support was great at answering my questions. If you are reading this review then do yourself a favor and just hit the order button. Chalk me up as a happy customer in Italy.

Game changer

This product really makes changing tires super easy to do.Really durable and easy to use product. My only regret is that I didn't purchase sooner!

Very handy tool

I hesitated a bit before I purchased it, because it seems a bit pricy. However, there are no better alternatives out there. It works perfectly fine and there are very good videos available that help understanding how it works.

It is especially helpful if your bike has disc brakes, because it makes it so much easier to change wheels. After all, I do not regret my purchase.

Great piece of equipment and great team

I’m using a chainlift since a while, and after a learningphase, this gadget helped me a lot. Sadly i had a problem with it lately, but the support sent me immediately a new product!

Highly recommend if you want the best!

This is by far the best and most versatile chain holder I’ve used in my cycling career so far. The ability to rotate the derailleur around for disc brakes and such make it incredibly useful if you have multiple bikes or gravel bikes that run disc brakes. I personally love using it for cleaning my drivetrain as well... It works wonders for not having to try and clean through the spokes on the rear derailleur!

Eric Chernoff
Chainlift Assessment

I have used the chainlift now a few times. It is well made and does what it is designed to do. Overall I am impressed with the design and execution.
Eric Chernoff

Useful and easy to use

I recommend to anyone that does regular maintenances of his bike

Good product

You have had a good idea!!!

David Anderson
Happy cyclist

Amazing product, customer service is second to none. You will be very happy with this tool.
David Anderson

CHAINLIFT - Warranty - No pins
Enej Eler
Great product and great support

got this product fee weeks ago and had some problems with it, but the support of Fernando was really exceptional, he immediately contacted me and found a solution and replace it with new product now it is working flawless.

Cooper Jackson
It works but its unintuitive

Gotta read directions to make it work, but it does work. Fitment of the derailleur pushback is a little frame dependent. I mostly knock this down as opening the grey cap where the bolts are stored is near impossible. Both my and my partner have massive issues opening it.

As useful as I hoped

Bringing bike up from shed to attic room for turbo and back is so much easier and less oily. Took me a few times to get fluid with it but it is as easy as it look, you do need to look at the videos a couple of times.
The added bonus of a quiet rear wheel for aligning the disc brakes without having to do funky things with the chain is really sweet and brought a smile.
Great tool

Joseph Russo
Great Customer Support

I bought Chainlift and with some practice, it works great for most of my bikes. The one I wanted it to work most for was my Specialized Diverge with GRX group set. I emailed Chainlift and the were aware of the compatibility issue. They sent me, for free of charge, a modified Chainlift version to use for the time being until they have a permanent solution. A+ Customer Support!

Fantastic tool, easy to use, and great customer support

I was truly impressed by how easy the tool is to use once you figure out how it works.
The people behind Chainlift are also great, offering help and quickly replying to questions. I would absolutely recommend it to everyone struggling every day taking the bike on and off the trainer.

Miguel K.
Never mind the price -Chainlift will pay for itself.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you were very intrigued by Chainlift - but its price made you pause.

That’s exactly what I did. I filed it under “Wants” rather than “Needs”. And yet, Chainlift was always in the back of my mind.

I waited over a year to finally order one, as a treat to spoil myself on my birthday.

Having used the product for months now, I would argue one really ought to think of Chainlift not as a “luxury” item, but as an INVESTMENT in your bike.

You see, Chainlift makes things so easy and mess-free, I’ve been far more likely to remove the rear wheel (or the bike from my Wahoo trainer) to perform basic maintenance I’d usually skip, or wait too long to do.

For example, I’m no longer lubing the chain with my bike attached to the trainer. Nope - I use Chainlift to easily get the bike off the trainer and on a repair stand, where I can lube the chain without reinstalling the rear wheel first, or spraying lube on the trainer’s flywheel. Now I lube the chain more frequently when riding indoors, which is definitely good for my drivetrain components.

I’ve also found myself removing the rear wheel more often for a more thorough cleaning of my frame, rear derailleur, and the cassette, and to better inspect the frame for potential signs of damage and my disc brake pads for signs of significant wear.

These examples might seem trivial, but they’re not. By taking better care of my bike, I’m extending both its useful life and that of its components - which will save me a lot of money (and frustration) in the long run. Chainlift will definitely pay for itself.

I’m pretty confident in the construction and choice of materials used on Chainlift. The price is merely a reflection of the economy of scale; a behemoth like Shimano could perhaps offer a similar product cheaper, but a small outfit like Chainlift cannot. They certainly make up for that with outstanding customer service, though.

All told, I would strongly encourage you to order one for yourself. You will agree it is totally worth it. And you will be supporting the kind of small company that inevitably ends up bringing more great products into our cycling lives.

Simple and effective

Like having a second pair of hands when removing the back wheel, definitely recommended especially if you have an expensive frame which you want to protect from chain contact.

Takes some practice

The concept is super amazing and I think with a bit of practice it could be the new go to tool. I would just caution, don’t expect to pull it out and get it right the first…or third time. Watch the videos on the site because they do actually help. Additionally (and maybe we just didn’t see it annotated) all the different sized accessories are conveniently stashed in the elbow (light grey piece). We initially thought we were missing parts. That took about 15 minutes of figuring out.
Overall, I feel confident with more practice I’ll like it 5 stars. It does what they profess and it is handy!