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Facile d’utilisation après lecture de la vidéo.

Worked as described

Worked as described and had all the additional parts to work with my bikes.

Second Order

This is my second order, a present for a friend

Indispensable item

Practice makes perfect.
In the meantime, it has become indispensable to remove the wheel flawlessly without problems and dirty hands.
Placement on tacx trainer is easy and without problem.
Chainlift is a "must have".

Michael Delgadillo
Good chain tool

I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing a product sight unseen, but decided to give it a try. Thus far, the tool has worked well and helps keep my fingers from getting filthy! Definitely a good product, but does take some getting used too. Definitely recommend!

Lawrence Casha
works well

Takes some time to have an understanding on how this works. Once you do it a great tool. Used it to clean the bike, change wheels, transport, clean chain and cassette.

Really Works

One tip - watch the YouTube video on how to use it. Once you have worked it out it is very simple and works a treat. Wish I had bought one sooner as it would have saved a few scratches on my frame when swopping the bike on/off my trainer. Good bit of kit and highly recommended - thank you.

Good company

I haven’t used the tool yet. I believe it is going to be a great help, but especially I want to mention that I made a mistake on my order and the company behaved fantastically. Congrats! Thanks

Darrin Martin
Works as advertised

Not very often do you buy something nowadays and the product does what is stated to the degree that is claimed. This product is different. It does exactly as the videos show and is as easy to use once you watch their videos (which are really well done). They definitely get 5 stars for product construction, ease of use and did just as they claimed.



Daniel Silva
Muy bueno !!!

Producto innovador, lo vi por instagram y lo compre, lo traje para Argentina y fue una revolucion , facil de usar y muy util.


Great tool

Great tool

At first you will be confused, but then you will love it how fast and clean makes the whole process!

Nice toolset

It’s a very nice toolset and always clean hands could really appreciate it!

John Wintersteen
Top Notch Customer Service

I bought the Chainlift to use on both my road bike as well as my mountain bike. My first time trying to use it on my mountain bike I ran into a problem due to my large gear on my cassette. The owner personally hopped on a FaceTime call with me and helped walk me through on the best way to clear my cassette. Additionally he is going to manufacturer a slightly longer pin to give me even more clearance and send it to me for free. Talk about customer service!!


Can't believe this wasn't invented years ago.
It's a tool that sits at the very top of most used item in my workshop.
Top quality product, beautifully engineered, works exactly as described.
Every serious cyclist needs one.

A nice product

Ron Amdur
Worth the learning curve

It’s a little clunky (somehow bigger than I expected) and it takes some time get the process down, but it’s a great tool once you do. I highly recommend one for anyone who does frequent swapping of wheels or moving a bike on and off a trainer. It’s not something I would suggest carrying on a ride in case you need to change a flat…. It’s just too big and heavy for that.

Pretty expensive but very much worth the money

Very useful tool to work on my bike without all the normal chain hassle. Easy to operate also for non-professionals and great (5 stars isn’t enough) customer support

Saves time, great product! Totally worth the money.

Ever since I got disc brakes putting my bike on and off the trainer was such a chore that I would avoid doing it at times. CHAINLIFT makes this much faster so I don't have any excuse anymore (okay, that was a pretty weak excuse before but it was the truth!). It takes a bit to figure out how to use it but the videos and other documentation is top notch.

Bill Hollenberg
Just as advertised

I received my Chainlift and needed to use it almost immediately to work on a rear-wheel flat. The packaging warned me that it was simple but not intuitive, which was right on target. I had to watch the video 3-4 times to get the first use right, but it worked perfectly once I figured it out. I used it again a few days later with no issues at all. It makes removing the rear wheel incredibly simple.

Glen Thomas
Love It!

I have a Wahoo KICKR and got so tired of getting my hands greasy taking on and off my back wheel. The CHAINLIFT has eliminated my greasy hands and makes it so simple and quick to get my bike on and off my KICKR. LOVE IT!!

Good work

It works very well , very useful and I am so satisfied !!!!

Great invention

Now it is much easier to transport my cycle, thanks

CHAINLIFT – GRX/RX Modified – No pins
R.J. Ter Horst
Awesome tool to remove rear wheel and clean bike

I have GRX Di2 on my gravel bike which is very difficult to take the rear wheel out. With Chainlift it is very easy to take the wheel out and to clean the bike without touching the chain !!
Great tool !