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The gadget you didn’t know you needed.

Purchased this thinking it would be a nice to have. I’ve never found it easy to get the back wheel off during cleaning or maintenance so this seemed to be the solution.
Came quickly and works exactly as it details on the site. Very well made and is very sturdy. Like the fact they give you a selection of pins that cover most rear derailleurs. Works brilliantly and worth the investment.

Vincent Sangalli
CL View

Works as it should on both my 3T Strada with Sram Rival AXS and also my Cannondale Quick 4 with Shimano derailleur. Watch the videos. I was not rotating the frame support lever back far enough the first time I used it. Videos definitely help!

Makes life easier; for a price

I was intrigued by the tool and considered it a luxury item when I considered buying it. It's pretty expensive but it works really well. Saves a lot of oily fingers and a tangled chain. Not very practical to carry on a ride with you since it's a bit large, but its quite light. I swap my wheels out on my bike quite often so this tool is great for me. If you have no second wheelset and don't need to maintain tubeless tires, I would suggest putting up with the oily fingers and spending the money elsewhere. However, now I have mine, I'm glad I bought it.

Initial reaction

I have only used it once but Chainlift keeps emailing me, asking for a review. I’d say it’s a bit pricey for what it does, but it works as advertised with a few adjustments, appears solidly built and is nicely packaged. Maybe I need a little more experience with the tool before rating.

Robert Becker
Nice Addition

It didn’t take long to figure out how to use the Chain Lift and it is one of those things I wish I had years ago. Makes rear wheel removal and reinstallation easy and keeps the rear derailleur and chain out of the way. Great job.

Bill Ramsay
Good solid construction

This is a well built tool that will last a long time. It is a little cumbersome figuring it out but does the job. I’ve only tried it on my tri bike with an Ultegra 11-speed groupo but it seems that it will work on my other bikes as well.

Chain lift review

With both myself and my wife having to frequently swap our bikes from the wahoo trainer, the chain lift is an absolute god send. It takes a little getting used to and watching the instructional video is a must. However, once mastered it really does make life a lot easier and cleaner. Great product and really well engineered.

Still waiting for it - hasn’t arrived

Hi "",

We re-shipped (2nd shipment) your order on Nov 14 via 2 Day DPD. Here is the new tracking#: "". (We sent you an email on Nov 14).

DPD tracking says that your package was delivered on November 16. Please check with your neighbors or house guests to see if they have it.

As we stated before, according to navigation apps such as Google Maps, your address is "". Navigating to "" using popular apps takes a driver to a different house.

If you cannot find the delivery please tell us an alternate/better delivery address for a new shipment:

Thanks again!

Gunnar Waldman
Chainlift review

Easy to figure out which pins to use for your bike. While a bit fiddly the first time, once you use it a couple times it becomes second nature and really makes life easy changing swapping back and forth from trainer, or just removing the wheel to work on the bike. Smart idea. Like master link pliers, this is one of those tools you don't want to be without once you start using it.

Great product

This production does exactly what it says, lifting your chain up off the cassette. It makes cleaning and rear tire removal a lot easier. PLEASE watch the videos first and expect some trial and error in finding the right pin for your particular derailleur. Highly recommend and would buy again.

Great product!!! Thanks 👍

SHM-6 Offset Pin
Lloyd Talbert
Excellent Product

I purchased two new bikes, one for me and one for my wife. As new models, the derailleur hangers were slightly different from my older bikes. I contacted Fernando for help with the Chainlift tool I purchased last year. He recomended two new pins he had created for these new hangers, sent them to me and both worked perfectly! I'm a big fan of Fernando and the product.


very good easy to use , there is plenty of info on the web to use it.

Great Product, Easy to use, Highly recommend if you like working on your own bikes

patrick walsh
Super helpful

Makes it easy to go between trainer and road setups

Really good tool

It's very easy to change the wheel without getting dirty fingers.

Great tool

A great tool, not intuitive but if you have once understood how it works, you will never have dirty fingers while removing your back wheel. And suits with the corresponding pins to all rear derailleurs (SRAM, Shimano, Campagnolo…) And the service ist excellent, if you have a question, they will help you.
Highly recommended!

CHAINLIFT V2 - Fits ALL <span>except Campagnolo</span>

Chris Zappa
Awesome Product

Makes swapping from wheel to trainer super easy. Follow the directions!

Awesome Tool

This Chainlift is a must have tool in your MTB toolbox. This is a time saver and I cannot believe how easy it is to use. Very small learning curve, but once you get it installed a couple times you are an expert. Very well designed and the customer service is top notch.

Bruce Smith
Clever device

Debated for a long time before buying this tool. Works well unless your bike has fenders and a rear rack, which interfere with the process. I can work around it by loosening one of the fender support struts but doing so without touching the chain still eludes me. On a bike without fenders and a rack I suspect it will work brilliantly.

Works great!

Makes cleaning the bike that much easier en switching between road and Zwift a breeze!

Awesome tool

I absolutely can’t live without this tool
Hats off fellas it’s Awesome

I love it. So easy to use.

Watched all the videos and instructions and I can’t get the product to work on my bike.


We want to thank you for your order and I am sorry you are having trouble. We can help.

I'd like to start with making sure you are using the correct insert pin. Can you tell me what model derailleur is on your bike? If you're not sure please send a picture. Please email our customer service team.

We would also be happy to do a video call with you at your convenience.

Thank you for your patience and support!