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Gio Zuleta
Great tool

Great idea

Brian Fitzpatrick
Great new tool!

I've never liked removing the rear wheel primarily because of messing with the chain. I saw the Chainlift advertised many times, but thought that it's silly. I needed to change my rear tire, and I was so frustrated when I was finished, I looked and found the Chainlift ad and ordered one. It came in the other day, and I tried it just to see what it was like. It works just like the ad says, and the video shows! It's one of those tools that you wonder why you hadn't bought one sooner!!

Does what it says on the tin

I contemplated purchasing the chainlift for a while due to it's slightly steep cost, but, it's really a feat of engineering and it's worth it. It does what it says on the tin: it lifts your chain and my hands generally don't get dirty anymore.

The first few times it's a little fiddly, and finding where the metal inserts for the derailleur was also a bit of a treasure hunt, but after using it a few times I'm super happy that I got it. It's especially useful for when you're changing your rear wheel often, i.e. changing between indoor and outdoor rides.


Après quelques conseils donnés par mail avec des appuis photos ! Tout Va bien superbe outil 👌 ! Je l’utilise toutes les semaines pour mon vélo hiver-HT

Lloyd Talbert
Excellent Product

I purchased one a few weeks ago. I have both Campy and SRAM. Fernando was very helpful getting me the most cost effective solution. The same week I purchased my chainlift, I was inspecting my bike and had a staple in the rear tire. I removed it, heard the "hiss" and needed to change it. I had practiced a bit with the chainlift, but now got to use it for real. It worked as expected. I removed the wheel, changed the tire and replaced it in no time. Very satisfied!


Definitely one of those items that I did not realise I needed until I used it. Often switching bikes on and off the kickr or changing wheels. The Chainlift makes it so simple. Love it!

Good product. Not intuitive.

Does what it promises! I change often between my trainer and wheel. It helped a lot with that, not having dirty hands or scraping my bike (my trainer neo 2t is quite chunky). I am a beginner in cycling so it really helped. Does have a learning curve though. You have to find the setup for your bike by trial and error. My chunky trainer along with a TT bike and di2 shifting meant that i couldn't easily select the small chairing and 3rd cog. But after a few tries i found the setup that works for me. The price is a bit much for a tool that can be done by hand. But it is well built and has a ton of support either by videos or direct feedback. And if I feel like that in the first month of use, going through the hassle of finding the setup, i am guessing in a year or so, I wont even think of changing my wheel without it.

Chainlift Bicycle Tool

This is a great tool! Now, removing my rear wheel is so much easier and I avoid getting grease on my hands! Fernando was so easy to work with and provided assistance to correctly identify the correct insert pin for my rear derailleur. Their customer service is fantastic and I appreciate how promptly they responded to my email and phone call. They have videos online that demonstrate how to use Chainlift and also to identify the correct pin for your bike. When designing this tool they really thought of everything. I have an indoor smart trainer and this tool now makes it easier to quickly switch from using my road bike by removing the wheel and placing it on my smart trainer. Now I can avoid keeping the indoor trainer set up and taking up space and can quickly set it up whenever I want to ride indoors. One last benefit is that now I can transport my bike and by using Chainlift, both my chain and derailleur are stable when transporting in the car and it takes less space in the car with the wheels off. I'm very glad I found this company and this product!

CHAINLIFT - Fits ALL <span>except Campagnolo</span>

Abram Dent
Great Tool with Great Support Team

I’ve enjoyed the piece of mind of a quick solution to handling my bike chain when removing and installing my wheel and chain management when setting up my trainer. Very convenient. I appreciated the FaceTime support call for selecting the right mounting pin along with performing my first lift. Thank you!

Peter W.
Excellent for My Needs and Unparalleled Support

My main interest in Chainlift was for one of my greatest pet peeves - not being able to hear minor disc brake rub over a clacking freehub. When I deliver a bike to my customers, I strive for perfection and Chainlift allows me to confidently deliver that now. And I've got to say Fernando's support is head and shoulders above all others I've experienced in the industry. To new customers I would say don't give up; keep working with Chainlift and Fernando and he will absolutely make it work or make it right.

Michael Taylor
Does exactly what it says!

After taking a moment to learn how to use it, I was able to remove 1 bike from a trainer and put its wheel back on, and move a second bike to the trainer without touching the chains. 10/10 would buy again.

Stephen Morrill

I was very skeptical of this because usually they do not work as well when you get it as in the demo! How ever I thought I would give it a try because if it worked it be a good tool to have. Well as soon as I took it out of the box I could tell this was a quality tool! It took me a few minutes to figure it out but it works great and I highly recommend it!

Richard I
Only used it one time

I’ve only used chainlift once so far. Seems to be a quality tool and will help a lot when used frequently. One thing, I believe the instruction videos should show a little more detail and slow down some of the moves. Several of the spindles will fit my derailleur, but only one fits the way it is supposed to. Trial and error found the correct one.

Watch the Video

Shipping response was surprisingly fast and efficient. And the tool does its job perfectly, once you have settled on the correct pin. I would definitely recommend watching the Instruction Video though….maybe more than once. If you follow those directions, the ChainLift is an excellent tool.

Excellent tool

Easy to use and amazing to change wheels without touching the chain.

Paul P
Problem Solved

Has always been a giant pain manipulating the chain back on after cleaning. ChainLift makes it a breeze

Third hand

I have only used the chain lift tool once since purchase but found it works like having a third hand to hold the chain up out of the way. Excellent piece of kit, expensive yes, but worth it.

Chairlift tool

I’m not a cyclist, but purchased this tool for my husband’s Christmas present - unfortunately he couldn’t wait, he said it’s perfect, he can confidently remove his wheels, clean and check his brakes. Wish he had bought one earlier, saves money on servicing!

Pas parfait mais sav compétent

Difficultés rencontrées avec mon groupe Shimano grx et mok origine graxx 2.
Le sav m'a proposé une adaptation du chainlift (nouveau modèle) avec des instructions personnalisées. Ça marche nickel maintenant !

Craig Noke
Easy as pie to remove rear wheel

Simple to use and incredibly effective! Removed/replaced rear wheel on my road bike and hands were clean, no cuts or bruises, and no curse words uttered.

Me old-need something like this !!

When you reach 70+, everything dermed dificould, I am vert pleased with CL recomend it to everybody.

Vic Yepello
A great tool

Works as it should and is very helpful when servicing back wheels especially on eBikes. A worthwhile purchase for pros bike techs too.

Ken P
Where have you been all my life?

This is a great tool! Make sure to review the videos on the website. With a little practice, it will be second nature. I wish I had this years ago!

Good Idea but!

We’ll made product with excellent help and advice available if you need it. Sadly I couldn’t use it as my bike has an integrated cycle rack which prevent proper placement of the tool on the frame. I have passed it on to my step daughter who is a keen “road cyclist” with light weight naked bikes”! She hasn’t had chance to use it yet but was delighted to receive it as a “surprise “ present. If you are thinking about buying this and have a bike with an integrated cycle rack be aware that you might not be able to get it to sit in the correct position on the frame.

Hi Rob. We want to thank you for taking the time to leave a review and also thank you for your business. We are confident your daughter will love the Chainlift tool. And we want to let you know that we use Chainlift on bikes with a rack and fenders although it does require a different technique. This technique isn’t quite as elegant but we believe still easy enough to use. Once mounted, you still get all the benefits Chainlift offers. You can watch a video showing how to use Chainlift with rear fenders or racks here: Cheers!