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Chainlift : easy and fast

I’m using my bike for the road and my Tacx spinning sessions. Since I have the chainlift it became easy for me taking the back wheel off the bike. Before a had the chainlift it was a struggle.

Excellent support

Received my Chainlift a few weeks ago and it worked fine with my bike. Then I purchased another bike and had some issues with the new type derailleur. Received excellent support by Chainlift and the new free pin solved all my issues. Recommended.


Absolutely brilliant invention. A pleasure to use and work with. Such a time saver and simplify taking the back wheel off and on again on my turbo levo

Edward Garcia
It works!!

It only looks complicated at first. Once you watch the video and you figure out which bolt size to use. It is a very simple process. It keeps the chain in place and prevents it from rubbing on your frame. I love this tool!

Christian Marble
Works exactly as advertised.

No issues with utilization at all. The instructions and supporting videos were very helpful. The CHAINLIFT tool was easy to install, it allowed for significantly easier (and cleaner) rim removal, and chain cleaning was a breeze. Great product! I highly recommend it!

Ace Ventura

Greatest thing since sliced bread!

Absolute Weltklasse

Endlich kann man bequem, ohne gefummel das Hinterrad aus- und einbauen.
Super Teil, sehr zu empfehlen.

Rudolfo Barba
Chainlift is a great tool!

Chainlift is a great tool, just read the instructions or watch the video, easy to use. Very simple after going thru the steps of installing it, removing tire/rim and reinstalling tire/rim. Removing the tool was just as easy. Used the tool for maintenance and cleaning. Only had to use 1 hex head pin since all my bikes (road & mountain) have Shimano. Thanks for a great and reliable tool. Worth the cost.

Brilliant! A real extra hand 👍

As I want to start rotating my racebikes more and also use them on a home trainer, the chain lift is absolutely brilliant - easy to use and no dirty fingers!!!

Smart design

Works well, even with a rack!


I highly recommend it, great product. It's so much easier to swap wheels or putting my bike on a trainer now.


Works like a charm. I’m not getting my hands greasy anymore!!!!!!!!

Look Mum, no hands!!

The chairlift bicycle service tool is something every keen cyclist needs in the tool box. Why? You can take off your rear wheel and eat your recovery meal without having to wash your hands. Yes, I know that sounds unhygienic, and in truth, I would still wash my hands. But my point being is that the Chairlift keeps your hands clean, whilst you are performing maintenance on your bike, or transporting your bike, or washing it. It’s a major!!

Brandon Haskins
U Gotta Get One!!!

Works as described! Luv It! Makes swapping the rear will a snap! Highly recommend it!

Luis G Molinar Tavarez
Best investment I’ve made in cycling tools and accesories

Very handy and easy to use.

Desmond Tuey
Great Tool To Have

There's a learning curve, but the ChainLift website offers many resources, including detailed instructions and helpful how-to videos. Once I mastered it, ChainLift significantly simplified my bike maintenance routine.
Not only does it make wheel removal easier, but it also helps prevent chain damage and keeps my hands clean. I especially appreciate how the ChainLift holds the chain securely, preventing it from contacting the frame or cassette.
Overall, I'm thrilled with my ChainLift. It's a well-designed, high-quality tool that has quickly become essential to my bike maintenance kit. If you're tired of struggling with rear wheel removal, try the ChainLift.

Chairlift is amazing

This chairlift makes it so much easier to pull off my wheel. Unbelievable!! Awesome product!!

Andrew Hudacek
Works as advertised!

Works as advertised!

Terrific tool

This is a clean, timesaving, clever tool. What a treat. I did spend time watching videos to be sure I understood how to use it. It is not intuitive, but with a few dry runs it it quite easy. Thanks for this creative solution to an old problem.

Nice tool

Nice tool that makes it easy to clean or remove the wheel

Great product

Works as advertised and easy to use after watching short videos!

Kevin Flanagan
Great Tool and great shop help!

Chainlift had been a great help to me, both in getting the bike off the direct drive trainer and mounting and removing the rear wheel. I have low vision, so trying to manage the chain, coordinate the disc calipers/rotor and replace the wheel has been very difficult for me. I have to be within 12 inches or so to see what I'm doing and thus, trying to view the cassette side and disc is very frustrating, but Chainlift enables me to lift the chain, keep it held off the cassette and then focus on the disc. Game changer for me and it absolutely works as advertised! If working with the chain frustrates you, I HIGHLY recommend this tool.

Richard Scheutzow
Used once, pleased with it

After seeing this on SM, I explored the website and watched the videos. While the cost is significant, I decided to try it out. The ordering was easy, it shipped immediately, and it was evident that there is great care in the company for its product and their customers. When I received it two days later, I tried it on my road bike on my bike work stand. As the website says, Chainlift is not intuitive to use, but once you figure it out it works well. The particular pin for my derailleur was the shortest, and it didn't seat snugly but was OK. I watched the video again and paused for each step for my initial use. Finally, it all clicked in my brain, and I felt quite pleased with my decision to try it out. I will only use it for routine maintenance, and I don't expect I will get my wife to use it without me, however, it is clearly well made and I expect it will provide satisfaction every time I use it. I just need to remember how!

Eric Durham
Simpler than it looks and super helpful

Watch the minute long video's on the website and you'll realize pretty quickly how it works. Once you do, it becomes really easy to quickly use. Its a lifesaver for doing maintenance and troubleshooting on your own. Also, I had a question and emailed the Chainlift team and they responded within a couple of hours outside of business hours!

scott winget
A lifesaver

Chairlift makes it so much easier to remove and replace your wheel. It’s a real lifesaver. It takes a couple of times to figure out how it works, and get that into your muscle memory, but once you do, it is very, very simple.