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Richard Scheutzow
Used once, pleased with it

After seeing this on SM, I explored the website and watched the videos. While the cost is significant, I decided to try it out. The ordering was easy, it shipped immediately, and it was evident that there is great care in the company for its product and their customers. When I received it two days later, I tried it on my road bike on my bike work stand. As the website says, Chainlift is not intuitive to use, but once you figure it out it works well. The particular pin for my derailleur was the shortest, and it didn't seat snugly but was OK. I watched the video again and paused for each step for my initial use. Finally, it all clicked in my brain, and I felt quite pleased with my decision to try it out. I will only use it for routine maintenance, and I don't expect I will get my wife to use it without me, however, it is clearly well made and I expect it will provide satisfaction every time I use it. I just need to remember how!

Eric Durham
Simpler than it looks and super helpful

Watch the minute long video's on the website and you'll realize pretty quickly how it works. Once you do, it becomes really easy to quickly use. Its a lifesaver for doing maintenance and troubleshooting on your own. Also, I had a question and emailed the Chainlift team and they responded within a couple of hours outside of business hours!

scott winget
A lifesaver

Chairlift makes it so much easier to remove and replace your wheel. It’s a real lifesaver. It takes a couple of times to figure out how it works, and get that into your muscle memory, but once you do, it is very, very simple.

Chris Blair
Chainlift didn’t dissapoint

Very clever devise that works exactly as advertised.

Peter Sullivan
Chainlift Assist with New Used Bike

Got the Chainlift to help me improve a Craigslist bike I just got. Made it a lot easier and more fun to work on. Ingenious tool, glad I bought it!

Absolutely a worthwhile purchase

The chainlift now sits in my "regular use" area for my bike.

All it took was a few minutes of watching the explanatory videos, pick out the right pin for my setup and I found it extremely easy to move the bike from wheel to stand to turbo trainer. Build quality is nice, and I'm sure it will last me a long time.

Absolutely do recommend watching the videos, they make it very easy to follow and once you've used the tool a few times you'll remember when you next need it.

For the simple ease of being able to move the bike without touching the drive chain directly in any scenario, this tool is spot on.


Perfect! Very useful

Greg Leiner
Finally I am Not Afraid of my Back Wheel!

I am a very mechanical person, and have worked on my dirt bikes and mountain bikes most of my life. I have always struggled with the back wheel on my mountain bike and had a hard time taking it on and off. Fighting with the chain, getting greasy, and occasionally having the hub parts fall on the floor. Not anymore! This device is genius, and now I am actually excited to work on my rear wheel. Thank you for creating this awesome tool!

Works perfectly, a really useful tool especially if you move your bike on and off a trainer regularly. I didn't realize I had rear brake disc rub until I tried it 😊

Thumbs UP

Works great, Made Wheel removal and install very easy. Highly recommended.

Great invention

I received my chain lift tool few weeks ago.
So far I can tell it is a very useful and simply to use tool. I used it frequently since on cold, rainy days I prefer to train on my Wahoo Smarttainer. Now the mounting is much easier and comfortable without having the chain oil on the hands after the procedure or scratching the bike frame
Therefore it is worth every penny in my opinion 👍

Makes life easier!

The chainlift is a nicely engineered tool with a great idea which really works and makes maintenance on the drivetrain much easier!

Works as advertised!!

Mark Wiemiller
Works great

It works great! Great investment!

William Miller
You need this.

Says what it does and does what it says.
Use it once and you'll wonder how you got along without it.
Once you get the hang of it you'll be on your way.
Worth every penny.

Great tool

The chainlift does what it says - an easy tool/way to disengage the chain, making it a breeze to change wheels and perform various kinds of work on your bike. Some people say it is not necessary, but to me it is fantastic (since I have an arm/hand that doesn’t function optimally - so getting ‘an extra hand’ from chainlift makes everything so much easier.
It is easy to use, and easy to understand, and I have used it on both Shimano Sora and Ultegra - works without any problems, you just have to use the right pin for the actual gear deralior.

Shipping was fast and I received in less than a week from order date

I’m very happy that I bought it

Great product

Very useful. Quite big but light weight.

Great product, helps no end, not very skilled at rear wheel removal this makes the task so much simpler!

Derek Brenner
Everything the facebook ads said and more!

Great piece of engineering that makes working with greasey chain a thing of the past. Cool packaging and easy to follow instruction video

Michael Phythian

It’s greeeeaat! Like Frosted Flakes

The gadget you didn’t know you needed.

Purchased this thinking it would be a nice to have. I’ve never found it easy to get the back wheel off during cleaning or maintenance so this seemed to be the solution.
Came quickly and works exactly as it details on the site. Very well made and is very sturdy. Like the fact they give you a selection of pins that cover most rear derailleurs. Works brilliantly and worth the investment.

Vincent Sangalli
CL View

Works as it should on both my 3T Strada with Sram Rival AXS and also my Cannondale Quick 4 with Shimano derailleur. Watch the videos. I was not rotating the frame support lever back far enough the first time I used it. Videos definitely help!

Makes life easier; for a price

I was intrigued by the tool and considered it a luxury item when I considered buying it. It's pretty expensive but it works really well. Saves a lot of oily fingers and a tangled chain. Not very practical to carry on a ride with you since it's a bit large, but its quite light. I swap my wheels out on my bike quite often so this tool is great for me. If you have no second wheelset and don't need to maintain tubeless tires, I would suggest putting up with the oily fingers and spending the money elsewhere. However, now I have mine, I'm glad I bought it.

Initial reaction

I have only used it once but Chainlift keeps emailing me, asking for a review. I’d say it’s a bit pricey for what it does, but it works as advertised with a few adjustments, appears solidly built and is nicely packaged. Maybe I need a little more experience with the tool before rating.

Robert Becker
Nice Addition

It didn’t take long to figure out how to use the Chain Lift and it is one of those things I wish I had years ago. Makes rear wheel removal and reinstallation easy and keeps the rear derailleur and chain out of the way. Great job.